Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Lack of Posts...

Just a quick post to apologise for my recent lack of posts...

The girlfriend and I have been busy of late with locating a suitable new place to move to here in London, followed by actually moving house, and have only just regained regular Internet access at the new place.

That said, we were able to attend one of the weekly games here in London at the 'Jugged Hare' this week which was really inspirational. (thanks must go to the regulars for their great welcome and intense gameplay as well as the pleasure of meeting another 'oldbie/newbie' who also happened to visit this week).

That experience has me all fired up to get our cards sorted and catalogued so I can get into building some proper decks (although the Akunanse pre-con I played in the first game held up surprisingly well) and will also hopefully start posting regularly again on here soon.

I am looking forward to meeting some of the other regulars at further weekly games soon and am now also looking forward, if with a little trepidation, to the UK nationals next month. :)


  1. It was good to meet you both and it was a fun night! It got intense at times which reminded me why and how much I like this game... hopefully se you both again soon.